Project Name:Multan Ghanta Ghar Tower clocks
Sponsor: RADO
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Location: Multan, Pakistan
Project Description:, 4 Clock Movement, 5 feet clock, 1 Master Clock, 3Sided Clock, Solor System panel, Boom System, multan ghanata ghar has been installed by GLOBAL CLOCK TIME in 2011. new system,
Design: Iron Frame Of the Clock Faces
History: Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower of Multan was built in 1884 A.D. during British Raj in Indian Subcontinent. After passing municipal act 1883 British needed offices to run the city. They started constructing Ghanta Ghar in Multan on 12 February 1884 and it took 4 years to completely build this building. It was constructed over the ruins of Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai which was completely destroyed during Siege of Multan. The hall and building was named 'Ripon Hall and Ripon Building' after the name of Ripon, viceroy of India at that time. And clock tower was named Northbrook Tower after the name of Northbrook, a former viceroy of India (18772-1876).
This building was completed, opened and offices shifted in 1888.
Hall was named 'Jinnah Hall' after partition of India and it used for office meetings, cultural programs and public was also allowed to enter here. With passage of time this building became insufficient for offices and small hall was also insufficient for meetings, so offices were shifted from here. Now idea is to change this historic building into a museum.

Pakistan Military Academy P.M.A

5 feet clock

Night view of Multan Ghanta Ghar
Pakistan Military Academy P.M.A

Multan Ghanta Ghar

Solar Panel Multan Ghanta Ghar
  Boom sound system multan ghata ghar  
  Multan Ghanta Ghar Geo news Reporting  

Jang News

Multan Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) Clocks Repaired after 26 Years

MULTAN (October 26, 2011) : 3 clocks of over a century old clock tower building have started ticking after decades of dysfunction, officials said on Wednesday.

\Multan Ghanta Ghar Clock Repeared after 26 Years - jang 27-10-2011.

Time is treasure and Multanites have started getting a sight of Pakistan Standard Time (PST) on the three big clocks.


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